AuxLoc Evaluation Unit
Template Mounting Instructions


  1. Determine if door is left or right hand swing. Use appropriate (LH or RH) AuxLoc® Device and .PDF mounting template.
  2. Prior to mounting the evaluation unit, manually hold the AuxLoc® device on inside of door and swing arm between engaged and disengaged positions to verify your door requires a 4-1/2″ standard arm clearance AuxLoc®.  If arm does not clear door or jamb, contact AuxLoc® to obtain further instructions.
  3. When printing the attached template pdf file, make sure to print landscape, legal size paper, selecting “actual size” (vs. fit).
  4. Tape the template to the door 10” above the floor to the line indicated on the template.
  5. Use a punch to mark the holes on the door.
  6. Drill 1/8” pilot hole through door for each of the 4 mounting holes marked with the punch.
  7. Enlarge pilot holes with 3/8″ drill bit for required mounting size.
  8. Mount AuxLoc® on inside of door with four sex bolts (included). Do NOT mount with any other type of screws.
  9. Swing arm between engaged and disengaged position for testing.
  10. If there is excessive play when lock is engaged against door jamb, place adhesive rubber bumper (enclosed) on jamb to reduce play.